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Become a Sudekum Stargazer today! 

Becoming an honorary member of the Sudekum Stargazers means that you love exploring the night sky and support the important programs of the Adventure Science Center that bring hands-on science learning to Middle Tennessee.

Each Stargazer receives a personalized certificate and special constellation info card. The constellation featured on the card will rotate through out the year to stay current with what is visible in night sky. Right now the featured constellation is Leo the Lion.
Stargazers also get their names shown up on the big screen before Planetarium shows!!!
Do you have a family member or friend that loves astronomy? The gift of a Sudekum Stargazer is great for birthdays, special occasions and holidays.

  Below are the Levels and Benefits available:

$25 – Planetary Level:

- Personalized Certificate (8.5x11, suitable for framing)
- Constellation Info card: Leo the Lion (5x7, suitable for framing)
- Name shown on big screen before Planetarium shows (name displayed for up to 6 months)
$50 – Stellar Level:
- Benefits above plus
- Plush monkey
$100 – Galactic Level:
- Benefits above plus
- 2 tickets to Skies over Nashville show at Sudekum Planetarium
$250 – Cosmic Level:
- Benefits above plus
- Silver Core Society Membership

*picture depicts the contents of the Stellar Level

*Only the $250 Cosmic Level comes with membership benefits. All other levels of the Stargazer program are donations to the Adventure Science Center and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

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